About Me - Juwan Li

About Me:

Hello and welcome to Juwan Li Photography. You may have already guessed, my name is Juwan, pleased to meet you. 

I am a freelance Photographer in the Los Angeles area. Born in Beijing and raised in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington DC. Former U.S. Airman, JMU Alum, currently enjoying life in Southern California capturing amazing spaces and some of the best sunsets! If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to email me at juwan@juwanli.photography 

- Follow me on Instagram @juwanli.photography

Want to know about pricing? Please email me directly for a quote. 

A little FAQ: 

What got you started in photography? -I belonged to a car club about 10 years ago, there were a few photographers in our group  and I always wondered why their  photos looked so good and mine so bad. "it must be their nice camera", I thought. Eventually I saved up and bought a DSLR and quickly realized that simply having a good set of pots and pans does not make you a master chef.  

How long have you been doing this? -Got my first DSLR camera  about 8 years ago  and things progressed to the point where in 2016 I decided to go full time. 

Who have you worked with? -Realtors, Home Builders, Interior Designers, Property Management Agencies, an Ad agency, Couple of Car dealers, A friend's  blog, and some College organizations. 

Videos? -I know some awesome & talented individuals and will be happy to call them them up on a project. 

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